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Chest & Shoulder Domination

Advanced Workout Plans Consist:

  • Fully Editable Spreadsheet – Track Your Progress
  • Exercise Names
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Range of Reps & Sets
  • Resting Time

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Domination Workout

Each domination workout is designed to improve your weaknesses and impact your gains in the most optimised way. There is way more when it comes to workout programming. To maximise your muscle grow you need to stimulate it from different angles, but most importantly you need to know what exercises and how many reps, sets and techniques to apply to double up the effect when it comes to effective muscle grow.

Ask yourself. Is there any point going to the gym, working out and guessing the outcome? This is the most common mistake. When you exercise without technical knowledge and appliances you are creating muscle imbalance. This could be costly in the future as certain muscle groups will outgrow the others.

We created domination workouts for you to create perfect balance in symmetry of your body. Choose the right domination workout and follow it strictly for 6 weeks, followed with 2 deload weeks to provide enough of recovery for your body. After intense weeks of working out you need to know where it’s the right time to give a rest for your nervous system & muscle fibres in order to adapt changes you created after weeks of constant progression.

We took care of it too!

Fully Editable Spreadsheet – Track Your Progress

The only way you can be sure of your progression is to stick with the same setup for weeks. The idea of our workout plans is to allow you to track your weights progression each week. This is the only way to stay on top of the game! Each programme is settled into spreadsheet allowing you to make notes under each week (6 weeks in total for each phase). Your responsibility is to make notes and progress each week with extra weight increase! That simple!

Even when you perform set of reps with small increase of resistance, like 1-2kg increase each week, you can expect a new level of progression that will result in the fastest gains you ever experienced. This is the secret sauce! Now you know it!

Exercise Names

You can find all exercise names on the left side of the spreadsheet. Before you start, check all the exercises and see if you know them all! If you don’t, then simply search them on Google or YouTube and be prepared to execute them with right appliances of techniques. Remember! It’s better to start with smaller weights but be able to lift with right techniques, while not forcing the exercise!

Advanced Techniques

There is much more when it comes to workout techniques. You possibly used some of them before, but the question is, if you used them correctly? When it comes to advanced techniques you need to know when, how and what exercises will be the best to use them with. As you will download our domination workouts you will have access to techniques like:

  • Super Sets
  • Drop Sets
  • Dead Stop Technique
  • Tempo Setup
  • Weight Setup (constant, pyramid etc.)

… and many more! Everything scheduled, calculated and linked together to maximise your gains!

Range of Reps & Sets + Resting Time

Ranges are strictly calculated. When it comes to effective programming of training, maths skills become handy. Each amount of reps and sets must be well assessed for stimulating muscle fibres in the right way. Make sure you follow exact ranges and keep progressing with resistance increase each week for greater stimulation. Also, remembering about keeping resting time as advised in the programme!

P.S. RPE 6/7 has to be followed when starting a plan! When you implement this strategy, I ensure you will be progressing like never before.

“Perceived exertion is defined as how hard you feel your body is working. It is based on the physical sensations a person experiences during physical activity, including increased heart rate, increased respiration or breathing rate, increased sweating, and muscle fatigue.

Other RPE scales include a category-ratio scale (CR10) with rating ranges from 0 (nothing at all) to 10 (extremely strong)”.



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