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Gym Pack
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My training, diet and supplement setups are designed to take you from the fundamentals, all the way to the expert’s level of personal health, nutrition and exercise.
About us

About us

Years of professional education, training and dedication gave me the confidence to share my training and nutrition expertise with many people. Now I want to share this knowledge with you. My content combines science-proven research with practical, real-world implications on getting you the best results.

9 Years of experience

53879 Consultations

2 Online Coaching Packages

Core Values

We before me

Gym Pack operates in transparent, professional but also high knowledgeable manner. We are selfless in our approach. We invest all our time and service to provide with the best guide and tips towards your success and final results.


We practice what we preach. We do our own workouts, implement nutrition setups and use supplements to obtain practical experience what our clients going through to shorten the time you can get your best overall shape and health.


Countless hours spent on theory and practical development which leads us to be the best in the industry. Throughout the years we’ve been manage to work with top athletes and professionals from the fitness industry providing them essential tips towards their success.

Supplement industry

Providing supplements across the whole country within VITAMIN-SHOP® franchise has created great opportunities to help thousands of people who seek professional and genuine advice. Since 2013 we had a pleasure to serve our service to our community on different levels of fitness.


We are not just another fitness website. We are supportive community for our clients with the same long-term goal for everyone: “Be the BEST Version of Yourself”. We believe in our knowledge and services and want for our clients what we want for ourselves.

Our Promise

As the next generation of nutrition and health experts, all of our blogs, videos and resources are based on 100% scientifically accurate research. The most significant gains in the gym are achieved through gaining the knowledge of your mind and body. We will help you find the most optimised way to achieve your fitness goals.
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